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July 29, 2010


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I stumbled on your blog and loved this post! Thank you for that information about the erasers and I am glad I read this post too instead of just looking at the pictures or I would have gone out and bought a bunch of cheap erasers to carve! I have thought about using them too, but hadn't gotten around to trying it yet.

And I love wax seals too, sealed all 80 of my wedding invitations with them last week! :-)


Hi Rachel! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding- such a lovely idea to do wax seals on the invitations.

I'm so glad you read my warning: I was very tempted to put a big red circle-with-a-slash-through-it over that photo, just to be safe! The carving blocks I use are by Staedtler, like these: That's just what my local art store happens to carry, but I've been very happy with them. I just need an intern to cut them into smaller sizes for me! Thanks, Rachel!


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