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July 17, 2010


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Those are so pretty and cool...I love them!!!!


Thanks, Rebekka!
I love your photos & paintings, especially the rollerskate one:


I loooove the dress stamp! Speaking of parties, a few months ago I just so happened to buy a bunch of linoleum blocks - so perhaps linoleum party to add to the list???

There's a pinata store by work, so I can make a pit stop!


Thanks, Kelly! We have to have a stamp-it-up party. I think the guest list is already filling up nicely.

Oh, and thanks to your hot tip a couple months ago, the pinata has been purchased, & just awaits massive amounts of candy...

Kathryn McDwell

Pretty cool stamps you have there. That dress stamp you've made makes me think that it's going to look good as a logo for a fashion website, or something.

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